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  1. Hey guys, how about we help the darks a bit, I heard today, that they are really few and don't get over 65 because it's too hard, we Lights got some ppl who plvl almost all time. Like myself, I've leveled many Lights today, even if it was just till 61. I would suggest, we Lights gift the Darks their items, we don't sell it to them, to help them, because we all want PvP on the Server and it's only fair, because we Lights can already kill the KI bosses without problems. Maybe the GM's can even organize a plvling party for the darks to help them get their first toon to 70, so it gets easier for the new player and to farm for stuff, this way the new darks wont run away and the darks will be more active. + the lights will be happy to have pvp sooner! What are you're thoughts on it.