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  1. Check home page left bottom for ToS. Using more than 1 client on 1 pc is already against ToS. So no matter how you spin it.
  2. Dual boxing on PvP MM, pretty sure the use of dual boxing at all is against ToS. Screenshot shows Yin having killed me and Farm standing there.
  3. There are Episode 6 bosses in KI and VR. Here some screenshots from KI
  4. I know you are aware of this but figured i'd point it out anyway. There's an EP6 Skill system. Any ETA on when this will change? Regards, Harra
  5. Awesome! What about Flash/Sonic lapis? Any plans?
  6. Hiya me again, I was wondering if it's possible to add Linking Hammer lv5/lv7 to drop anywhere in the game. Since it doesn't make sense to link duals with an OP to me^^ Greetings, Harra
  7. Also sera drops wep ele's not top ones
  8. Yeah: Christmass boxes from Santa Troll can't be opened either. - Gatekeeper to Karis castle in Apu costs like 1m gold. i'll add here throughout the day, if i missed anything please feel free to add in the comments
  9. Hiya, so after playing through the night we noticed a couple of things. But most importantly; mobs don’t use spells. There’s not a single mob that is able to cast a magic attack. Sera did not even hit, no debuffs jn dd2. I think this is an important point. Also there’s no professional blacksmith in AH, theres no gatekeepers there. There seems to be a bug with auto attacking and using skills too. If you auto attack it wont allow you to use skills. There’s several visual map glitches. Christmass boxes won’t open ( from santa troll ) there’s skills for above lv70.. staff mastery lv3 for example is lv71. And also some suggestions; droprate is extremely low on the regular drops. Like acc lapis in dd2 duals in dd1. Is it supposed to be like this or just didnt get to edit this yet. Cause if i have to farm dreamy gear at this rate it will take me 5 years. Thanks for reading! Harra