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  1. The long awaited GS Applications are now open! We will only take into consideration applications that are properly submited. This means, the application form must be filled out and posted as a reply in this topic. All other ways of trying to apply for a Game Sage will be ignored and doing so might lower your chances of becoming one. We need competent GSes, after all! We are recruiting 2 Game Sages for each faction respectively. 1. Detailed information on who is a Game Sage WHO IS A GS? A Game Sage is a Community Volunteer who may often be found in-game, on the forums and in the Shoutbox. Game Sages, known as GS's are selected for their knowledge in a game as well as their willingness to help and their positive attitudes. Game Sages are normal players with more responsibilities. A Game Sage is a servers representative and serves to speak on behalf of the server to players and vice versa. Game Sages help resolve player issues where they can and will call a GM if needed and when they can. They also try to make the game more enjoyable for the players by running events for the players among other things. If a Game Sage tells you that something is wrong and to stop doing it, do NOT try to debate it if it's obvious that it is borderline or even obviously wrong. If there's a reasonable doubt as to whether it's right or wrong, then feel free to either make a post and see how the community feels or send in an email using the Contact Us form. RESPONSIBILITIES What are the responsibilities of a Game Sage? Communicating with players about their issues, concerns and feedback as well as providing them with need-to-know information and gameplay assistance. Documenting issues and bugs in the proper format. Resolving in-game issues such as harassment, excessive foul language, etc. Mediating between parties during arguments to prevent issues from being exploded out of proportion. If game rules are being broken, pointing it out to involved players as an informative warning. Coming up with new in-game events for the players. Planning, organizing and running in-game/forum events for the players. What Game Sages will NOT do? Call a GM for you. If you need to contact a GM, please submit a Ticket. Foward your Tickets. All Tickets will be answered as soon as possible, from oldest to newest. Give any promises to players that their request/service/ticket will be reviewed faster than others. Share confidential information to players. This includes GM to GS communication, as well as GS to GS communication. Everything that is discussed within the team is confidential, until stated otherwise. OBLIGATIONS OF A GS Confidentiality: Information you receive as a Game Sage is absolutely private and not to be shared with players, unless clearly stated otherwise. This applies to information you get from the Admin, GMs, forum moderators or even other GSes. Trust is vitally important for this program and without it - we cannot function as a team. Behavior: As a volunteer, you do two things. You represent the player to the team and you represent the team to the player. Your behavior reflects on you as well as the team. Always approach players politely. Never threaten a player nor threaten punitive actions (bans, mute, etc.) on them. Never speak down to a fellow player or treat them as inferior. Game Sages are players as well, they just have more responsibilities than the others do. Judgement: If you cannot find the answer to something and you've checked all the mediums - eg. droplist, forums and asked other players, you should know how to use your best judgement (aka common sense). It's OKAY to not have all the answers as long as you make an effort to improve and learn. Knowledge: Being familiar with the game and forums, understanding and following the Terms of Service, FAQ and Policies of Play Shaiya. You should be well-versed in locating information. Here's a list of requirements that have to be met to become a Game Sage: - You show mature attitude towards Game Masters, other players and issues they raise - It is your decision how much time you want to spend on being a Game Sage (unless it's an unreasonably low amount), but if you only commit to, e.g. 1 hour per day, we'll expect your full and undivided attention during that time. - You can communicate in a professional and mature manner with other players - You need to show ambition to improve the atmosphere in the game and your game knowledge - It's very appreciated if you're willing to go an extra mile in your tasks - You have never been banned at all for a major offense or repeatedly for minor offenses. - You should have experience playing the game - You should have a good written knowledge of English, to be able to communicate with Game Masters (and other players) in a smooth, precise and misunderstanding-free way Last but not least, the application form we will need you to fill out and post as a reply to this topic. A: What is your character name and what faction do you play on? B. What community contributions have you made that shows you would make a good game sage? C. What experience do you have running/hosting organizational events? D. Please give a short description of what you think a good GameSage does. Good luck! Kind regards, Viseryon
  2. Known issue: Goddess Cape Box Lv1 cannot be opened. We will exchange the box for a goddess cape until this is resolved.
  3. - Drop rate for 1-15 noble weapons in Cornwell/Agrilla has been increased - Goddess Capes now drop from 1-15 Boss - Added one-slotted and rerollable rings and loops to 1-15 boss - Stigma/Aurizen Bosses now drop Lv6 Lapis instead of Lv5 - Potion merchants added to Auction House - Helmet Lapis Lv1 added to Sky City
  4. #Updated
  5. Drop List The original EP5 drops, with a few additions: Map 1 - Recreation Rune, Fortune Bag, Upgrade Bag (low drop rate) Proelium Battle Zone (1-15) - Lv4 Lapis, Boss: - Special 1-15 PvP Gear, Lv1 Goddess Cape, Lv15 Accessories_ Cornwell/Argilla - Lv3 Lapis, Noble 1-15 gear and weapons, Bosses: Asmo/Knight - 20-30 Heroics, Lv16 Goddess Cape Map 2 - Recreation Rune, Fortune Bag, Upgrade Bag (medium drop rate), high gear droprates Fedion Temple/Kalamus House - Linking Hammer Lv5 Map 3 - Recreation Rune, Fortune Bag, Upgrade Bag (high drop rate), certain mobs drop capes and accessories Stigma/Aurizen - Lv5 Lapis from mobs, Lv6 Lapis from mini bosses D2 - Kimuraku: 2x Element Lv1 Jungle/DD1/DD2 - Duals Sky City - Helmet Lapis Lv1, Greendieta Seraphim: 2x Element Lv1, 1x Sonic Lapis Lv2/Flash Lapis Lv1 Oblivion Insula - Bosses: Lv6 Lapis, Oblivion Flash Ring, Oblivion Sonic Amulet, Heroic accessories, Mobs - 3% chance at Lv6 Lapis Caelum Sacra - Dios Exiel: 2x Element Lv2, 2x Absorption Lv6 Valdemar Regnum/Palaion Regnum - Recreation Rune, Fortune Bag, Upgrade Bag (highest drop rate), 60+ Armor and Weapons Kanos Ilium - Ele Mobs: Lv7 Lapis, Regnum Accessories, Golems: Recreation Rune, Fortune Bag, Upgrade Bag, Bosses: 1x 65+ Gear and Weapon, Mystra Armor Box, Mystra Weapon Box, Mystra Lapis Box *Mystra Armor Box and Mystra Weapon Box have a low chance for Lv70 gear and weapons Guild Ranking Battle - Etin, chance at Lv70 gear and weapons from Bosses, low rate from mobs
  6. 1-15 PvP, Farming and Leveling Event!

    We will have a 1-15 PvP, Farming and Leveling Event! Create a new char or use your existing 1-15 char, have some fun with it in Proelium and join us for the journey to Level 70.
  7. Follow up patch includes Linking Hammer Lv2 in Item Mall.
  8. Item Mall changes - Lv4 Lapis Bag added - Lv5 Lapis Bag added - Goddess Sets for all classes added
  9. Someone disbanded -Deicide- in EP5. We had the guild up with our alt accounts, but someone was stupid enough to disband an important piece of shaiya history. As far as I know, nobody of the old -Deicide- core played Shaiya as of ep6.
  10. Oh really? I spent the most of my Shaiya years in -Deicide- as well, before and after -Pride- left for DragonReign. Used to be a member of DragonReign too, mainly for being too ambicious and -Deicide- still being too social and casual back then. After my return and gained knowledge at the servers top guild, -Deicide- started doing much better. We got boss kills and even constantly beat DragonReign in Guild Ranking Battle, even though they had at least twice the numbers. Was a good time, but most "Deicide-ers" don't play Shaiya anymore, some don't even play games at all.
  11. The sets will be added to the account names you provided. Due to personal matters I was unable to make the sets yesterday, but they will be done today.
  12. Dear Shaiyans, We are holding a recruitment event. Bring at least 3 friends, get a 5/6 linked Goddess Set for your and your friends! Promotion is valid until Sunday, January 7th!
  13. Send me the account names and classes in a private message to get the sets ready.
  14. Welcome to Play Shaiya Forums! 1. Inappropriate or infringing content Play Shaiya Staff does not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, article, link or comment posted by other users in the Services, and shall not be responsible for the contents of any such message, article or comment. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of the Play Shaiya Team. The User can report any violation of the services policies by clicking on the report icon on the Forums. The User shall not use the Service(s) to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually offensive, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violating of any applicable law. The User shall not use the Service(s) to post any advertisement, link or information regarding content which infringes the Agreement. The user shall not promote illegal or illicit activities including cheating and the use of exploits. 2. Naming policy The User shall not use on the Website, the Forums and in the Game character names, family names, guild names, clan names and/or nicknames that are: Vulgar, abusive, hateful, racist, defamatory, threatening, pornographic or sexually orientated; Referring to inappropriate parts of the human body or bodily functions; Referring to drugs or illegal activities; Related to the Nazi regime; Referring to figures or activities of religious relevance Related to political regimes or personalities involved or suspected of violation of human rights; Promoting violence, ethnically or national hatred; Impersonating an existing person, including Shaiya II officials The use of alternate spelling, for instance by replacing letter with number, in order to violate the above mentioned rules shall be considered a violation of the naming policy. The user will not create additional forum accounts in order to bypass any warning, suspension, ban or purport themselves as someone else. 3. Threats to the provision of the Services The User shall not make threats or attempt to disturb the provision of the Services in any way including spamming, denial of service attacks, performing actions whether alone or as a group, on the Service(s), that would affect the performances of the Service(s) or the experience of other end-users of the Services. Team reserves the right to take any actions necessary deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of the Service(s). The Play Shaiya Team reserves the right to take any actions necessary deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of the Service(s). 4. Account sharing The User should not share the credentials of the User’s Account with anyone. Notwithstanding the above, the Play Shaiya Team may request from you the name of your Account for events or in order to provide you customer support. However, Play Shaiya Staff will never ask you for your Account password. 5. Violation of law The User undertakes to respect the legislation of the country from which the User launches the Game and accesses the Services. 6. Behavioral rules and guidelines 6.1. Thread bumping The User shall not bump own threads. Replies to own threads with the sole purpose of moving said thread to the top of the forum can lead to a warning with the possible consequence of losing writing permissions. If the User wants to add more information to a post, the “EDIT” function can be used. It is permitted to reply to own posts once every 48h as long as the follow up post adds new and meaningful information related to the topic. Replies to other users posts with the sole purpose of increasing it's visibility are also considered thread bumping as well as spam and will be actioned accordingly. Normal replies to other users are not affected by the above mentioned rules. 6.2. Posting Etiquette The user shall not post in all capital letters, use excessive punctuation, flamboyant fonts etc. to draw attention to its posts. The user shall not use misspelled versions of inappropriate words to circumvent the swear word filter. Doing so shows the User was fully aware of the nature of the word and it will be reflected in any potential penalties. 6.3. Interacting with other users Post made with the sole purpose of upsetting or angering other users are not allowed. All posts have to be made in the spirit of mutual respect. The User shall not attack or insult other users for having different opinions or for making statements the User disagrees with. Challenging the opinions or statements of other users is permitted, attacking the person holding them is not. If the User finds the actions of other users in breach of the forum rules, the Report Function should be used in order to bring the case to the attention of the moderator team. The case will then be reviewed and appropriate actions will be taken. The user shall not "name and shame" other users. If a user is suspected to have broken Terms of Service / Terms of Use or taken part in fraudulent activities it should be reported directly to the Shaiya II Staff by submit a support ticket. 6.4. Quoting The User shall not quote posts who break the forum rules. The User is instead encouraged to use the Report Function in order to bring inappropriate content to the attention of the moderator team. Reported content will then be reviewed and appropriate actions will be taken. 6.5. Abuse of Report Function The user shall not abuse the report function. The report function is intended to be used to make the moderation team aware of potential breaches of the forum rules not to get revenge on other users. If the User finds another user behaving inappropriate several times in a short time span, the Report Function can be used, highlighting one relevant post and indicating in the notes that other threads are affected too. If the User feels a thread is out of control, one post should be reported indicating in the notes the whole thread needs attention.
  15. - OI droprate increased - Added free weapons to Item Mall - Added teleport runes to recall pack - Fortune Bag, Upgrade Bag and RR now dropping in KI - 1-15 boss added
  16. In order to fully understand the skill issue, I will have to level a char of my own to experience the problem. I haven't had the time to do that yet. I checked the skills and the required skillpoints are same as on EP5, except the additional Lv71+ EP6 skills that cannot be learned due to level requirement.
  17. Monster Madness!

    We will have a Monster Madness today after maintenance. Time and location TBA, roughly 18:00 GMT
  18. You were a bit ahead of yourself. This was added in todays patch
  19. Updated to current state.
  20. Leveling Madness!

    For one day, we will double our already increased exp rates. This is your opportunity to join us and bring your friends for a leveling madness!
  21. Weapon Rates: WeaponStep00 = 90% WeaponStep01 = 80% WeaponStep02 = 70% WeaponStep03 = 60% WeaponStep04 = 50% WeaponStep05 = 20% WeaponStep06 = 20% WeaponStep07 = 20% WeaponStep08 = 20% WeaponStep09 = 20% WeaponStep10 = 5% WeaponStep11 = 5% WeaponStep12 = 5% WeaponStep13 = 5% WeaponStep14 = 5% WeaponStep15 = 3% WeaponStep16 = 3% WeaponStep17 = 3% WeaponStep18 = 3% WeaponStep19 = 3% WeaponStep20 = 3% Armor Rates: DefenseStep00 = 80% DefenseStep01 = 70% DefenseStep02 = 60% DefenseStep03 = 50% DefenseStep04 = 20% DefenseStep05 = 20% DefenseStep06 = 20% DefenseStep07 = 20% DefenseStep08 = 20% DefenseStep09 = 5% DefenseStep10 = 5% DefenseStep11 = 5% DefenseStep12 = 5% DefenseStep13 = 5% DefenseStep14 = 5% DefenseStep15 = 3% DefenseStep16 = 3% DefenseStep17 = 3% DefenseStep18 = 3% DefenseStep19 = 3% DefenseStep20 = 3%
  22. Yes, I've been thinking about it. Originally, Sera was meant to also drop a Lv7 Lapis, and due to that I didn't add Sonic/Flash. Considering Sera is pretty much a 2nd Kimu right now, Sera will get Sonic and Flash Lapis in one of the next updates.
  23. Thank you for reporting. I noticed them too while editing drop rates in VR/PR yesterday. They are unkillable currently, but they will be removed before they are. The stuff they drop will not be equipable either.
  24. This will take some time, as I will have to compare each skills with the ep5 skill file and made changes where they are needed. Can't give an ETA for that right now, as it depends on how much has to be changed. Until I compare both files, I can't know for sure. I would rather finish all the drops first and then sit down to correct skills, as there still are some drops left to add.
  25. Sure, we can find a place for them to drop. I would not add them to the upgrade bag, as that would just lower the amount of OPs that drop im general.