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  1. So, I got a friend that wants to help testing the server. Is that okay with you? 

    1. Viseryon


      Sure, even though there isn't much to test right now. Now it's all up to me to make necessary changes.

    2. Felgrand


      How will she get an account though? Are you going too make one with the same privileges as us?

    3. Viseryon


      I will make a new account and send it to you by PM as soon as I fix the current server issue.

  2. Dear Shaiyans, Due to the closure of Shaiya II and the amount of support we have received for a reopening, we have already been preparing a new server. A test server should be available shortly after we resolve some stability issues. We are working closely with the community to make the server as good as possible. If you have any ideas, suggestions of feedback, feel free to post them. Kind regards, Viseryon
  3. Hello Shaiyans! How have you been? While we are still working on fixing the new Boss issue, rather than replacing the bosses, we are also interested in adding new features to the game. This is where YOU come in: Let us know what you would like to see in Shaiya II, what you would change and why! Please be as detailed as you can so we can take your requests them into consideration. We are looking forward on hearing from you! - Shaiya II Team
  4. We've checked the database and your character is now located in Apulune.
  5. CoG Boss Fix: - Floria and Ant should now attack ranged - Cryptic the Last should now be killable and shouldn't instantly restore health Item Mall: - Wrong code for Teleportation Runes has been fixed EDIT: Floria and Ant still do not attack ranged, so they had to be disabled for now.
  6. There was a wrong digit in the item code. Restarting and applying fix.
  7. No, it is just a different download for new players, so they do not get the broken item mall issue. Still the same client, just a different package to prevent the issue.
  8. - CoG Boss Fix (experimental) - Teleportation Stones added to Item Mall - New Download Link (to fix broken Item Mall during some downloads)
  9. This is an easy fix. It simply requires a restart.
  10. Refine Stones and Dark Spheres.
  11. Cryptic the Last 22 hours, Floria and Ant 20 hours. Kimu has a 8 hour respawn. Not yet, new lapises will be released in another update.
  12. Noted, this will be fixed with next patch.
  13. - New Map: Canyon of Greed - New Bosses: Kimuraku, Ant Vermarshall, Princess Floria, Cryptic the Last - Auras and Imbues released - Lv70 Gear and Weapons released Call your friends and test your abilities in Canyon of Greed. Come prepared, because monsters that call Canyon of Greed their home are unforgiving.
  14. That is not a bug. The portal has been disabled because a portal can only teleport one faction, not both. This is why both factions use gatekeepers instead of one faction having the advantage of having a portal.
  15. Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek Event